Transitions in construction

Transitions in construction

Whatever you thought, think again.

It occurred to me

ReflectionsPosted by Dan Engström Mon, October 31, 2011 12:08:20
... that I really should put my thoughts out there more often. Construction needs an overhaul, and is in the process of fundamental change. It really is a paradigm shift. Our history of complete focus on project-based logic is increasingly being examined, and in many ways discarded. We have done so many good things but we cannot rest. Our recurring small improvements need to be based on on a substantial foundation where we can harness them. This, we've been crap at doing. Really.
The traditional ways are being complemented with systems building. We are building systems and building with the support of systems. I'll write a post on that too. Or more than one, I am sure. For now, let's just note that systems building is a paradigm shift. As such, the transition is hard to achieve. Even when necessary, paradigm shifts are always easier to not do. They hurt because we are all leaving our comfort zones. If people like me (who do this for a living for crying out loud) do not make the effort to discuss the change, who will? If I don't look at my own suggestions in the open before I try to make them happen, who will?

So, with no further ado, this is it. You have just read the first post in the blog Transitions in construction. Now, on to writing a post with some content on the subject matter.

Image by Ell Brown (Flickr Creative Commons)