Transitions in construction

Transitions in construction

Whatever you thought, think again.

Cry wolf

ReflectionsPosted by Dan Engström Tue, November 01, 2011 19:47:46
This is really hard to take. Greece have announced they will hold a referendum and stocks fall all over Europe. Analysts cry wolf, everyone puts their plans on hold for just a little bit and the crisis suddenly becomes reality.

There is a lesson to be learned here. Have a look at this article for example. Or let me quote from it: "Yesterday RIM released its numbers for the 2nd quarter in the financial year 2012. While the numbers are solid, they are slightly lower than expected. Investors were less than amused and RIM shares dropped by almost 20%."

That is the kind of event that makes managing directors want to show muscle and their readiness to do what it takes, and lay people off. Numbers are solid but people lose their jobs. Numbers are solid but the work the staff are doing is only part of the story. The work the analysts value from the staff is what counts.

Analysts, i.e. people in suits gambling with other people's money, guessed wrong again and somehow that became the RIM company's fault. The map becames the terrain. The hard work the RIM employees put in to improve their company could be out the window.

The value of your company is less important than what a handful of people outside of the company think the value of the company should be. Why do we put up with this?