Transitions in construction

Transitions in construction

Whatever you thought, think again.

New research on clients decision-making

ResearchPosted by Dan Engström Wed, November 02, 2011 11:51:42
I just have to tell you about this new PhD dissertion I'm reading as it is being written. It is Susanne Engström at Luleå University of Technology who is writing her dissertation about how clients make decisions and how that affects the opportunities for supplier-led innovation. The subject area is how we might understand clients' role in unblocking barriers to offering products, with which we arguably offer better return on investment - better, cheaper buildings - but for a narrower brief. Papers in the dissertation will address explanations of the current state of affairs, managing uncertainties, lessons learned from clients as drivers of innovation, and client-contractor communication. All in the context of systems building. Papers can be downloaded from Susannes page at

The completed dissertation will be defended in March 2012, but it is time for Susanne to be subjected to the infamous pie seminar, where all that are interested have the opportunity to give criticise the draft material (pieing the defendant). I have the honor of being the main pie-thrower, on November 18th. I can't wait.

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